Global Organic Electronics Market (Application and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2013 - 2020

Global Organic Electronics Market (Application and Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Re

Category : Semiconductor and Electronics
Published On : October  2014
Pages : 140


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Organic electronics market is in its early growth stage. Organics electronics find application in varied industries namely display, ORFID, OLED lighting, photovoltaics and others. Key factors driving the market are the need for reduction of cost, weight and power consumption of electronic goods. It is estimated that by the end of 2015, 130 million TV sets, 400 million PCs, 300 million tablets and 800 million smartphones would be shipped globally. Therefore, demand for flexible TFT would be very high. Similarly, the demand for other flexible electronic goods required in healthcare, government and other sectors would soar, and this would drive the growth of flexible electronics market.

Organic display is the largest revenue generating segment for the organic electronics market accounting to nearly 65% - 75% of the overall market revenue. OLED display finds application in laptops, tablets, T.V. sets, and lightings. Asia Pacific generates approximately 65% of the revenue for the global market due to the fact that APAC is home to almost 3/4th of the global electronics manufacturing industry which is the primary application area for organic electronics. The cut-throat competition among the LCD display manufacturers is the key reason for a boost in OLED displays market, just to gain product differentiation and competitive advantage in the market. Irrespective of its expensiveness, OLED displays have gained momentum and the advent of flexible OLEDs have proved to be a revolutionary approach by OLED manufacturers.

However, non-compatibility with conventional electronic goods and lack of robustness are the major restraints for the growth of the market. Some of the top companies profiled in the report are Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc., Bayer Materialscience AG, H.C. STARCK, AGC Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd., Sumitomo, Polyic, Heliatek, Novaled, Merck Kgaa, Evonik, BASF Materialscience AG. The key players can look forward for good revenue, as numerous companies across industry verticals are keen to adopt flexible electronics technology. Since this is an emerging market, it is expected that the key players would engage in collaborations and partnership to share expertise, instead of being involved in competition.


  • The in-depth analysis provides market intelligence with respect to segments based application and geographies
  • The detailed analysis of the top factors such as drivers, restraints and opportunities impacting the market growth in the short and medium term
  • Value chain analysis provides key inputs on the role of all  stakeholders of the market
  • Porter’s five force analysis unveils the potency of suppliers & buyers, and threat of new entrants & substitutes
  • SWOT analysis and recent developments of key players are included in the report so that companies can make desired changes to business plans to gain competitive advantage
  • Estimations are done according to the current market scenario and projected future trends for the analysis period of 2013-2020 with base revenue of 2012
  • The report discusses the trends and opportunities in various geographies so that companies can make region specific plans



  • Display
  • OLED Lighting
  • Photo Voltaic
  • System Components


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia



1.1. Report Description
1.2. Reason to doing this study
1.3. Key Benefits
1.4. Key Market Segment
1.5. Key Audiences
1.6. Research Methodology

1.6.1. Secondary Research
1.6.2. Primary Research
1.6.3. Analyst tool & Model 


2.1. CXO persective
2.2. Market Beyond: what to expect by 2025

2.2.1. Base case scenario
2.2.2. Optimistic scenario
2.2.3. Critical scenario


3.1. Market Definition and Scope
3.2. Key Findings

3.2.1. Top Factors Impacting the market 
3.2.2. Top Investment Pockets
3.2.3. Top winning strategies

3.3. Porter’s Five force Analysis 
3.4. Value chain analysis 
3.5. Case Studies
3.6. Market Dynamics

3.6.1. Drivers 
3.6.2. Restraints
3.6.3. Opportunities


4.1. Display
4.2. Key market trends
4.3. Development of organic display generations over time 
4.4. Competitive scenario
4.5. Key growth factors and opportunities
4.6. Market Size and Forecast

4.6.1. OLED Displays Key market trends and Forecast OLED Vs LCD technology SWOT Analysis of OLED displays 

4.6.2. E-paper Displays Key market trends and Forecast 

4.6.3. Electrochromic Displays Key market trends and Forecast 

4.6.4. Electroluminscent Displays Key market trends and Forecast 

4.7. ORFID

4.7.1. Key market trends and Forecast 

4.8. OLED Lighting

4.8.1. Key market trends and Forecast 
4.8.2. Development of OLED lighting product generations over time 
4.8.3. Adoption parameters for OLED 
4.8.4. OLED lighting market landscape 
4.8.5. SWOT Analysis – Organic Lighting 

4.9. Photo Voltaic

4.9.1. Key market trends
4.9.2. Competitive scenario
4.9.3. Key growth factors and opportunities
4.9.4. Market Size and Forecast 
4.9.5. OPV Key market trends and Forecast 

4.9.6. DSSC Key market trends and Forecast 

4.9.7. CIGs Key market trends and Forecast 

4.10. System Components

4.10.1. Logic and Memory Key Strategies and developments Development of logic and memory 

4.10.2. Thin film batteries Key Strategies and developments SWOT Analysis – Organic Batteries 

4.10.3. Sensors and Actuators Key Strategies and developments 

4.10.4. Conductive Ink Key Strategies and developments 


5.1. North America

5.1.1. Key market trends
5.1.2. Competitive Scenario
5.1.3. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.1.4. Market Size and Forecast 
5.1.5. U.S. 
5.1.6. Canada 
5.1.7. Others 

5.2. Europe 

5.2.1. Key market trends
5.2.2. Competitive Scenario
5.2.3. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.2.4. Market Size and Forecast 
5.2.5. U.K. 
5.2.6. Germany 
5.2.7. Italy 
5.2.8. France 
5.2.9. Other countries 

5.3. Asia Pacific 

5.3.1. Key market trends
5.3.2. Competitive Scenario
5.3.3. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.3.4. Market Size and Forecast
5.3.5. Japan 
5.3.6. China 
5.3.7. Taiwan 
5.3.8. India 
5.3.9. South Korea 
5.3.10. Others 

5.4. LAMEA 

5.4.1. Key market trends
5.4.2. Competitive Scenario
5.4.3. Key growth factors and opportunities
5.4.4. Market Size and Forecast
5.4.5. Latin America 
5.4.6. Middle East 
5.4.7. Africa 


6.1. Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc. 

6.1.1. Company overview
6.1.2. Company snapshot
6.1.3. Business performance
6.1.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.1.5. SWOT analysis

6.2. Bayer Materialscience AG

6.2.1. Company overview
6.2.2. Company snapshot
6.2.3. Business performance
6.2.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.2.5. SWOT analysis

6.3. H.C. STARCK

6.3.1. Company overview
6.3.2. Company snapshot
6.3.3. Business performance
6.3.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.3.5. SWOT analysis 

6.4. AGC Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd.

6.4.1. Company overview
6.4.2. Company snapshot
6.4.3. Business performance
6.4.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.4.5. SWOT analysis 

6.5. Sumitomo, Polyic

6.5.1. Company overview
6.5.2. Company snapshot
6.5.3. Business performance
6.5.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.5.5. SWOT analysis 

6.6. Heliatek

6.6.1. Company overview
6.6.2. Company snapshot
6.6.3. Business performance
6.6.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.6.5. SWOT analysis 

6.7. Novaled

6.7.1. Company overview
6.7.2. Company snapshot
6.7.3. Business performance
6.7.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.7.5. SWOT analysis 

6.8. Merck Kgaa

6.8.1. Company overview
6.8.2. Company snapshot
6.8.3. Business performance
6.8.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.8.5. SWOT analysis 

6.9. Evonik

6.9.1. Company overview
6.9.2. Company snapshot
6.9.3. Business performance
6.9.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.9.5. SWOT analysis 

6.10. BASF Materialscience AG 

6.10.1. Company overview
6.10.2. Company snapshot
6.10.3. Business performance
6.10.4. Key Strategies and developments
6.10.5. SWOT analysis 

6.11. Polyic 

6.11.1. Company overview 
6.11.2. Company snapshot 
6.11.3. Business performance 
6.11.4. Key strategies and developments 
6.11.5. SWOT analysis 

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