Packaging Business Confidence Report H1 2015

Packaging Business Confidence Report H1 2015

Category : Packaging
Published On : March  2015
Pages : 43

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“Packaging Business Confidence Report H1 2015” is a new report by Canadean that globally analyzes industry opinions on the latest economic and consumer issues, and their impact on investment decisions and growth prospects within the packaging industry. This report also examines executive opinion about the current and future state of the economy, and its retrospective effect on the industry. Furthermore, it analyzes the likely effect of supplier price changes, sales performance, and staff headcount within the industry over the next six months. It provides an overview of the key priorities, threats, and opportunities for the global packaging industry over the next six months.

Key Findings
- Overall, 44% of packaging respondents state that they are operating in a stable economic environment, while 29% state that the current economic conditions are favorable.

- The majority of respondents anticipate a positive change in company growth prospects over the next six months.

- Business operatives from Asia-Pacific anticipate the highest increase in sales growth in H1 2015.

- Protecting and growing market share and customer retention are the top priorities for packaging operatives from North America.

This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from Canadeans exclusive panel of leading global packaging industry executives. The report analyzes current economic conditions prevailing across the globe and their impact on the packaging industry, and forecasts the company and industry growth prospects over the next six months. Furthermore, it provides information about the impact of consumer confidence, supplier prices, and staff headcount likely to affect investment decisions in the industry over the next six months. 

In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following:

- Industry executives opinion about the current state of the global economy: examines the prevailing economic conditions and executives opinion about the global economy and the state of economy across various regions.

- Growth prospects of company and industry: provides industry executives expectations towards the growth prospects of their company and the industry over the next six months.

- Change in consumer confidence: analyzes packaging industry executives opinion about the change in consumer confidence, globally, over the next six months.

- Impact of supplier prices: determines the expected change in supplier prices across various categories and their impact on business confidence, and examines the key factors influencing the change.

- Change in staff headcount and sales performance: tracks the expected change in staff headcount and sales among industry executives operating in various regions, over the next six months.

- Investment activities: ascertains the various investment activities on which industry executives intend to focus, and tracks the change priorities and strategies regarding future investments.

- Business concerns: examines industry executives attitudes towards various business concerns and their change in opinion over the last six months.

- Key priorities: identifies the immediate priorities of industry executives operating in various regions, and tracks the change in executives sentiment compared to the last six months.

Reasons To Buy
- The report projects the current and future operating conditions of the packaging industry and allows readers to make effective business decisions.

- The report assists readers in making strategic decisions by understanding the present and future economic conditions, and consumer issues including key growth regions.

- Packaging industry suppliers will be provided with a clear uncovering of the key challenges and opportunities, and identify the key priorities likely to affect the industrys growth prospects.

- The report forecasts the change in supplier prices of various products, which are likely to influence the industrys growth prospects over the next six months.
The report helps industry executives recognize the change in consumer confidence levels in the global packaging industry over the next six months.

Table Of Contents
Methodology and sample size
State of the economy
Growth prospects and consumer confidence
Supplier prices and levels of expenditure
Organizational outlook and strategy
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