Success: BEAR

Success: BEAR

Category : Food & Beverages
September  2014  Pages : 20

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Since 2009, BEAR has become a fast-growing multimillion pound business with distribution across all the major UK supermarkets. Meeting rising demand for healthy, "natural" snacks, BEAR has gained many industry accolades.

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Reasons To Buy
- Why is BEAR considered a compelling case study? Why does it matter?

- What consumer insights and innovation highlights underpin the start-up's success?

- What does the brand's success signify about modern snack brand preferences?

Key Highlights
BEAR has established itself as a healthy, no-compromise snack delivered in an accessible and desirable format. It has proved enticing for consumers and retailers alike. While the range and number of outlets stocking BEAR is impressive, so too is its merchandizing presence outside of the core category fixture.

BEAR's success to date is underpinned by its formulation integrity, which generates positive health perceptions. BEAR uses "100% pure" fruit, which is picked fresh in season and gently baked without any added sugar, preservatives, concentrates, or stabilizers.
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