Success Case Study: Alpen Light Cereal Snack Bar - Making Moderation Work

Success Case Study: Alpen Light Cereal Snack Bar - Making Moderation Work

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March  2015  Pages : 12

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The report discusses why Alpen Light cereal bar was a successful launch for Weetabix and how manufacturers can go beyond just offering a cereal bar by making these products functional. Most cereal bars contain high amount of sugar and calories, whereas Alpen Light contains only 70 calories and is low in sugar, fat, saturated fat, and salt.

- Provides insights into healthy cereal bars.

- Demonstrates the gaps in the cereal bar market.

- Highlights consumers' needs and wants from cereal bars.

- Shows new chances for cereal bar manufacturers to develop their products.

Reasons To Buy
- Are cereal bars a healthy alternative to conventional treats?

- What do consumers want from cereal bar manufacturers?

- What are the main health concerns of consumers when they buy a cereal bar?

- How can cereal bar manufacturers develop their products?

- Where are the gaps in the UK cereal bar market?

Key Highlights
The cereal bar industry in the UK is growing, but manufacturers should take health issues into consideration to boost their profits.

Manufacturers should ensure that their on-pack claims match the properties of the product inside to build a trust-based relationship with consumers.
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