Success: Manomasa Tortilla Chips - Understanding trending cuisine and turning it into a more accessible format

Success: Manomasa Tortilla Chips - Understanding trending cuisine and turning it into a more accessible format

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October  2015  Pages : 17

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Manomasa entered the savory snack market in the UK, going up against snacks giant Doritos. However, the company managed to differentiate itself by presenting its products as more authentic, with premium branding. This worked well in line with "foodie" culture, as well as the snacking generation. Manomasa demonstrates how a brands premium positioning can be enhanced by limiting availability, and that understanding what "premium" means to the target consumer is important.

Key Findings
Manomass success highlights how leveraging trending cuisine or flavor can offer deeper insight into consumer demand.

For premium products, authenticity plays an important role. Adding a personal touch can offer consumers a "real" feel to the product. This type of brand image and narrative will allow them to experience an emotional engagement with the product.

Understanding what "premium" means to the target consumers can play a key role to success. Different types of consumer have different ideas about product positioning in terms of product development. Once this is achieved, a company can gain better idea of how to market their product and where.

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