Success: Redds

Success: Redds

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The rapid success of Redd's Apple Ale, an apple-flavored golden ale with low malt and bitterness, has paved the way for additional flavors and limited-edition line extensions. Going forward, MillerCoors looks set to keep investing in the fast-growing Redd's franchise.

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Reasons To Buy
- Why is Redd's considered a compelling case?

- What consumer insight underpins the brand's fortunes?

- What can I learn from MillerCoors's approach to portfolio management?

- Which consumer trends has the brewer capitalized on?

Key Highlights
Redd's portfolio uniquely blurs the line across traditional alcohol category divides. The apple flavoring suggests a familiar, crisp, and refreshing taste but with the potential to offer the flavor intensity of a brewed ale.

The unique formulation and strong marketing backing have helped Redd's to attract those who normally drink outside of beer and the MillerCoors portfolio.
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