Telepresence Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016. Telepresence is useful as a system to support unified communications systems. Telepresence is used to create collaboration a cross geographical boundaries. The study has 602 pages and 182 tables and figures. Telepresence is considered to be any video communication system that leverages HD, high definition Research Beam Model: Research Beam Product ID: 178680 3500 USD New
Telepresence Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

Telepresence Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

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  • Published On : November   2010
  • Pages : 602
  • Publisher : Winter Green Research

Product Synopsis

Telepresence Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016. Telepresence is useful as a system to support unified communications systems. Telepresence is used to create collaboration a cross geographical boundaries. The study has 602 pages and 182 tables and figures. Telepresence is considered to be any video communication system that leverages HD, high definition.

Virtually every video collaboration system does leverage HD these days. Telepresence supports consistent contact with a group f distributors or customers. Telepresence provides a way to keep in touch with clients and the line of business.

It is HD TV that provides the essence of telepresence. Broadcast quality images are available from a lot of different technologies. It is the life size screen that is so compelling.

Telepresence provides a consistency in the remote relationships. Significant sales calls need to be done face to face. Telepresence provides a way to supplement the face to face calls, to provide a continuity to marketing and management efforts that is not replicable in any other way. Telepresence is like a drum beat, it is regular.

Major drivers include increased productivity as well as cost savings. Video conferencing market drivers are indicative of significant, changing ways of implementing presence communications capability. Technology has improved working relationships, it reduces costs of doing business, and it improves responsiveness.

Telepresence is next generation high definition TV videoconferencing. Telepresence leverages high definition video and high definition audio to support collaboration across distance. People located remotely can communicate effectively because of the compelling experience provided by HD TV.

According to Susan Eustis principal author of the study, “The bigger screens, the audio clarity, the visual clarity of telepresence are compelling. The technology components are positioned to work together to provide a more lifelike communication experience. Collaboration is facilitated by enabling sharing of documents and power point presentations as if people were in the same room.”

Telepresence is an emerging market segment driven by the need for geographically dispersed groups to communicate as if they are all in the same room. The telepresence solutions provide an immersive collaboration experience where remote participants are lifelike in size and voice and visual clarity. Telepresence solutions are standards-based and are available in a wide array of configurations that include full eight or 16-foot high definition cinematic views, high definition sound, and eye connect technology that places the camera at eye level for more natural face-to-face interaction.

The telepresence solutions are available in multiple configurations accommodating from four to 28 people. Complete telepresence solutions have list prices ranging from US$199,999 to US$695,000. Systems are available for as low as $100. HD is what defines telepresence. TelePresence digital communications creates life size representations of people and documents located remotely in a conference room. Robots are being used as security systems that create remote communication experiences. TelePresence systems are enabling a network to change the way people live, work, learn and play. Telepresence brings virtual meetings to a sense of the participants being in the same room. HD TV is the technical breakthrough that makes this happens. Three HD TV screens in a conference room bring a sense of realism that is similar to being there. The reason most people travel for business is to enable ad hoc decision making. Telepresence carries that type of ad hoc decision making forward into the world of virtual meetings.

High quality images and sound, simplicity and tightly integrated service elements enable high quality ad hoc decision making. These features enable users to work productively without experiencing communication fatigue. They can work for longer hours due to the natural feel of the solution. As a result, a large number of existing trials have turned into production environments for telepresence. Users have increased the deployment of telepresence solution across their departmental regions, providing a global reach in many cases.

Polycom has an open collaboration network strategy. This provides an open and interoperable collaboration solution that gives customers greater flexibility and investment protection for their UC environment. The worldwide revenue opportunity for telepresence and related services is anticipated to reach US $ 6.7 billion by 2016. Markets are anticipated to grow in response to an increase in the availability of broadband communications, the inherent value of video in supporting collaboration among people located remotely from each other, and the inherent value of sustained, frequent communication when people are located remotely from each other.

Market growth is a result of demand for communication that benefits from controlling connectivity in a manner that will scale and is feasible for use by business units and partners. Systems are useful for implementing the supply chain economics that make the enterprise competitive . New properties of systems are evolving rapidly.

TelePresence Executive Summary

TelePresence Market Driving Forces

Telepresence Market Shares

Enterprise Telepresence Market Shares

Polycom 7

Cisco / Tandberg

Hewlett-Packard Halo Collaboration Studio

Enterprise Telepresence Market Forecasts

1. Telepresence Market Description and Market Dynamics

1.1 Globalization Of The Enterprise

1.1.1 Globalization Supported By Ubiquitous Communications Networks

1.1.2 Growing Need For Collaboration Across Distance And Time

1.1.3 Elements of a Complete Communications and Collaboration Solution

1.1.4 US Federal Information Processing Standards

1.2 Flexibility Of Video Delivery

1.3 Telepresence Leverages Value of Video Solutions

1.3.1 TelePresence Digital Communications Based On HD TV

1.3.2 TelePresence Next-Generation Technology

1.3.3 Enterprise Video Solutions

1.3.4 Consumer Video Applications

1.4 Telepresence Scalability

1.4.1 Telepresence Ease of Use

1.4.2 Telepresence Cost

1.4.3 TelePresence Solutions Address Business Continuity Issues

1.5 Telepresence Matures as Industry Segment

1.5.1 Business Value From Telepresence Systems

1.5.2 TelePresence Supports Body Language As Business Language

1.5.3 Software Vendors Embed Voice And Video Communications Into Next Generation Workflow

1.5.4 Green Impact Of Telepresence

1.6 TelePresence System Table Top Content Sharing

1.6.1 3G Wireless Video

2. TelePresence Market Shares and Market Forecasts

2.1 TelePresence Market Driving Forces

2.1.1 People Travel For Business To Enable Ad Hoc Decision Making

2.1.2 How To Use IT To Improve Productivity And Realize Cost Savings

2.1.3 Telepresence Market Benefits

2.1.4 Reduction Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2.2 Telepresence Market Shares

2.2.1 Enterprise Telepresence Market Shares

2.2.2 Polycom

2.2.3 Cisco / Tandberg

2.2.4 Cisco Systems

2.2.5 Cisco Immersive Telepresence

2.2.6 Cisco Umi Small and Mid Size Business and Home Telepresence

2.2.7 Hewlett-Packard Halo Collaboration Studio

2.2.8 HP Avistar C3 Call Control™

2.2.9 Hewlett-Packard Partnership With Vidyo

2.2.10 LifeSize / Logitech

2.2.11 Logitech / Lifesize

2.2.12 Logitech LifeSize Sharing

2.2.13 Avistar

2.2.14 BrightCom

2.2.15 Skype

2.2.16 Google / You Tube

2.2.17 Vidyo

2.2.18 Radvision

2.2.19 Aethra

2.2.20 HaiVision Systems

2.2.21 DVE Broad Product Portfolio

2.3 Enterprise Telepresence Market Forecasts

2.4 Immersive Telepresence Equipment Market Forecasts

2.4.1 Room Size Immersive Telepresence Markets

2.4.2 Immersive High End Telepresence Market Shares

2.4.3 Cisco TelePresence Ecosystem

2.4.4 Cisco Customer Adoption

2.4.5 Cisco TelePresence Solution

2.4.6 Teliris

2.4.7 Teliris Realistically Replicating The Human Dynamics Of A Live Meeting

2.4.8 Hewlett-Packard Halo Telepresence

2.4.9 High End, Immersive Telepresence Market

2.5 Conference Room Single-Screen Telepresence

2.6 Desktop Telepresence Equipment Market Forecasts

2.7 Telepresence Equipment Market Forecasts by Industry

2.8 Telepresence Market Segments

2.8.1 Corporate Sector Remains the Dominant TelePresence Vertical Market

2.8.2 Telepresence Vertical Market Segments

2.8.3 Enterprise Executive Telepresence Segments

2.8.4 Telepresence Educational Institutions

2.8.5 Government Telepresence

2.8.6 Telepresence Government Agencies

2.8.7 Telepresence Supports Teams Working Remotely

2.8.8 Telepresence Supports IP TV

2.8.9 Telepresence Healthcare Sector Applications

2.8.10 Telepresence Healthcare Providers

2.8.11 Telepresence Telemedicine Solutions

2.8.12 Telepresence Banking Applications

2.8.13 AT&T Telepresence Solution for the Manufacturing Market

2.8.14 Telepresence Room Rental Business

2.8.15 Worldwide Personal Executive Telepresence

2.8.16 Telepresence Is Next Generation Video Conferencing

2.8.17 Early Adopter Phase -- Telepresence Systems for Executives

2.9 Call Connections Market Forecasts

2.9.1 Tata Communications Ltd. and British Telecommunications plc (BT)

2.9.2 Cisco Verizon

2.9.3 AT&T Telepresence SolutionSM

2.10 Telepresence Managed Services

2.10.1 TelePresence Enabled Services Market Size

2.10.2 AT&T Services

2.10.3 Hewlett-Packard (HP) Halo services

2.10.4 Cisco and Tata Communications Network Of Public TelePresence Meeting Centers

2.10.5 eBay Skype

2.11 Telepresence Systems Costs

2.11.1 Conference Room and PC Based Telepresence Market Penetration Forecasts

2.11.2 Telepresence System Capabilities

2.11.3 Telepresence System and Equipment Prices

2.11.4 Teliris Custom Telepresence

2.11.5 Cisco

2.11.6 Polycom

2.11.7 Tandberg

2.11.8 Tata Communications

2.11.9 Vidyo

2.11.10 Sony

2.11.11 LifeSize

2.12 Robotics Manufacturers WowWee and iRobot

2.12.1 Consumer Robot Telepresence Markets

2.12.2 Leading Consumer Robot Telepresence Market Participants

2.12.3 WowWee Security Telepresence Robot

2.12.4 iRobot ConnectR

2.12.5 Anybots QA

2.12.6 Roboware

2.12.7 Roboware Robot E3

2.12.8 Worldwide Telepresence Robot Market Forecasts

2.12.9 Web Cam Security Markets

2.12.10 WebCam Security Market Shares

2.12.11 D-Link

2.12.12 Robot Telepresence Law Enforcement and Commercial Security Markets

2.12.13 Robot Telepresence Home Remote Family and Friends Markets

2.13 Room-Based Video Telepresence

2.14 Telepresence ROI

2.14.1 Direct Cost ROI Analysis

2.14.2 ROI Looks At Utilization Rate Impact

2.15 TelePresence Regional Analysis

2.15.1 Tandberg in Europe

2.15.2 HP Halo Positioning in Asia Pacific

2.15.3 Cisco Telepresence in India

2.15.4 Lifesize Telepresence Communications in India

2.15.5 Asia Pacific

2.15.6 France

2.15.7 Tandberg Revenue Mix by Region

2.15.8 Polycom International Revenues 2010

3. Telepresence Product Description

3.1 Room Telepresence Systems

3.2 Polycom RealPresence Telepresence

3.2.1 Polycom High Definition Telepresence

3.2.2 Polycom Telepresence Employee Training

3.2.3 Polycom Telepresence Client Engagements

3.2.4 Polycom Telepresence Partner Collaboration

3.2.5 Polycom Telepresence Uniquely Designed for Natural, Effective Collaboration

3.2.6 Polycom Improved Team Communications and Collaboration

3.2.7 Polycom RPX HD Solutions Based Open Standards

3.2.8 Polycom Telepresence Multipurpose Solutions

3.2.9 Polycom Telepresence Solutions

3.2.10 Polycom Immersive Telepresence

3.2.11 Polycom Room Telepresence

3.2.12 Polycom Personal Telepresence

3.2.13 Polycom Partnering



3.3 Cisco / Tandberg

3.3.1 Cisco TelePresence Endpoints, Infrastructure and Cisco TelePresence Cloud Services

3.3.2 Web Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Solutions

3.3.3 Cisco TelePresence System 1300 Series

3.3.4 Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch

3.3.5 Cisco / Tandberg Telepresence Server

3.3.6 Cisco TelePresence

3.3.7 Cisco TelePresence Collaborating Globally While Operating Locally

3.3.8 Tandberg Total Telepresence

3.3.9 Tandberg Telepresence T1

3.3.10 Tandberg’s Total Telepresence

3.4 Hewlett-Packard Halo Collaboration Studio

3.4.1 HP Halo Telepresence

3.4.2 Hewlett Packard Proprietary Halo Video Exchange Network (HVEN)

3.4.3 HP and Vidyo®

3.4.4 Hewlett Packard Halo Security

3.5 Logitech / LifeSize Telepresence

3.5.1 LifeSize Bridge

3.5.2 LifeSize Bringing Business to the Future in HD

3.5.3 LifeSize Sharing

3.6 Teliris Telepresence Availability, Reliability, And Security

3.7 Sony TelePresence

3.7.1 Sony Immersive Experience

3.7.2 Sony Eye Contact

3.7.3 Sony Multi-Site Collaboration Suite

3.7.4 Sony Safety Glass

3.7.5 Sony Elegant Design

3.7.6 Sony Wide Viewing Angle

3.8 Avistar C3™ Desktop Video Solutions

3.8.1 Avistar Telepresence Solution

3.8.2 Avistar C3 Interactive Video Calling

3.8.3 Avistar C3 Interactive Broadcasts And Presentations

3.8.4 Avistar C3 Video-On-Demand.

3.8.5 Avistar C3 Integrated Collaboration & Data Sharing

3.8.6 Avistar C3 System Architecture and Technology

3.8.7 Avistar C3™ Platform

3.9 BrightCom

3.9.1 BrightCom Lumina Telepresence

3.9.2 BrightCom Roomvideo Conference

3.9.3 Brightcom Telepresence And Video Conferencing Infrastructure

3.9.4 Brightcom Mobile Cartvideo Conference Series

3.10 Personal PC Telepresence Systems

3.11 Brightcom Desktop Video Conferencing

3.12 Cisco / Tandberg PC or Mac and a Web Camera,

Connect Thousands Of Users In A Video-Enabled Enterprise

3.12.1 Cisco / Tandberg EX90 Desktop Telepresence Performance

3.12.2 Cisco / Tandberg Personal Telepresence

3.12.3 Tandberg Movi

3.12.4 Cisco Umi

3.12.5 Cisco Personal PC Desktop Telepresence

3.12.6 Cisco TelePresence: Collaboration Using Flexible Personal Systems

3.13 Vidyo

3.13.1 VidyoGateway Server

3.13.2 VidyoRouter™ - Smart Router for Video Conferencing

3.13.3 VidyoCast™ Suite Of Broadcast Products

3.13.4 VidyoCast

3.14 Adobe Connect

3.14.1 Adobe Connect

3.14.2 Avistar C3 Desktop

3.15 HP Avistar C3 Integrator™

3.15.1 Avistar C3 Desktop

3.16 Sony Personal Communication

3.17 BrightCom’s ClearView Telepresence System

3.18 NEC

3.18.1 NEC / SoftFoundry

3.19 Skype

3.20 Logitech TV Set Top Box

3.21 Teliris Home Telepresence Solution

3.21.1 Teliris Home Solution for the Enterprise

3.22 Microsoft Kinect x-Box

3.23 Telepresence Interoperability Systems

3.24 Coroware

3.25 Radvision: Interoperability, Telepresence, Video Conferencing

3.25.1 Radvision Telepresence Interoperability Seamless, Unified Communications

4. Telepresence Technology

4.1 Technologies Supporting Telepresence

4.1.1 Multi-Codec Telepresence Solutions

4.2 Benefits of a Telepresence Platform

4.2.1 Telepresence Turnkey Solution

4.3 Telepresence Customized Solutions

4.4 Standards: Industry And Widely Accepted Proprietary

4.4.1 Extended Industry Interoperability and Standards Development

4.4.2 Industry Standards

4.4.3 “Zero Latency” High Definition H.264 Video

4.4.4 HaiVision MAKO-HD Low-Latency Encoding Technology

4.4.5 HaiVision MAKO-HD Low-Latency Encoding Technology

4.5 Video Network Quality Challenge

4.6 Challenges Facing Visual Communications

4.6.1 Need For Video Coding Scheme That Is Resilient

4.7 Scalable Video Coding (SVC)

4.7.1 H.264 - Scalable Video Coding SVC

4.7.2 SVC Scalability

4.7.3 SVC Cost Challenge

4.7.4 Communications Quality

4.7.5 Tandberg Codec C60

4.8 Mako Robotic Surgical System TelePresence

4.8.1 PIranha Designed Around HaiVision MPEG-4

4.9 Industry Sectors

4.9.1 Tandberg Healthcare Clients

4.9.2 Tandberg Specialists On Call

4.9.3 Tandberg Scottish Centre for Telehealth

4.9.4 Tandberg State of Arkansas - Angels Program

4.9.5 Tandberg Capital Health

4.9.6 Tandberg University of Arizona Health Sciences Center

4.9.7 Tandberg UC Davis Children's Hospital

4.9.8 Tandberg Upstate Medical University

4.9.9 Tandberg Western Oklahoma State College

4.9.10 Tandberg Karolinska University Hospital

4.9.11 Tandberg Clinical Communications

4.9.12 Tandberg Deaf Link, Inc.

4.9.13 Tandberg PDS

4.9.14 Tandberg Holy Name Hospital

4.9.15 Tandberg New York University (NYU)

4.9.16 Tandberg Rikshospitalet University Hospital Norway

4.9.17 Tandberg Sandefjord, Norway Elderly Care

4.9.18 Tandberg Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN)

4.9.19 Tandberg Health-e-Station

4.9.20 Tandberg Sunnaas Hospital TRS Resource Center

4.9.21 Tandberg Aleris Hospital, Oslo

4.9.22 Tandberg University Hospital of Umeå, Sweden

4.9.23 Tandberg & Cisco Systems - In a Joint Project with the UK's Nationa4-l Health Service

4.9.24 Tandberg Grampians Rural Health Alliance Network (GRHANet)

4.9.25 Tandberg Russian Telemedicine Association

4.9.26 Tandberg Norwegian Hospital: Hallingdal Sjukestugu

4.9.27 Tandberg Alameda County Medical Center

4.9.28 Tandberg Bichat Stroke Center | Bichat Hospital

4.9.29 Tandberg AstraZeneca

4.9.30 Tandberg Emirates Hospital, United Arab Emirates

4.9.31 Tandberg Catharina Hospital

4.9.32 Tandberg Kapi'olani Medical Center

4.9.33 Cisco Systems Video Technology

4.9.34 BT To Offer Inter-Company TelePresence

5. Telepresence Company Profiles

5.1 Aethra

5.2 Avistar

5.2.1 Avistar Licenses Patents to Skype

5.2.2 Avistar / Sony

5.2.3 Avistar / IBM

5.3 BrightCom

5.4 Cisco

5.4.1 Cisco Managed and Hosted Telepresence Service

5.4.2 Cisco / Tandberg Total Service

5.4.3 Cisco / Tandberg

5.4.4 Cisco Network

5.4.5 Cisco On Demand Services

5.4.6 Cisco Revenue

5.5 Coroware

5.6 D-Link

5.6.1 D-Link Global Presence

5.6.2 D-Link Innovation Leader

5.6.3 D-Link Revenue

5.6.4 D-Link Regional Sales

5.6.5 D-Link Product Category Sales

5.7 Dimdim

5.8 Digital Video Enterprises (DVE)

5.9 Emblaze-VCON

5.10 Forterra

5.11 Fujitsu

5.11.1 Fujitsu OSS/NOS

5.11.2 Fujitsu SOA

5.11.3 Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Governance

5.12 Google

5.12.1 Switch to Google Apps

5.12.2 Google Apps for Messaging

5.12.3 Google / YouTube

5.12.4 Google Acquired ON2

5.12.5 Google Chat Installer Uses Vidyo

5.12.6 Google Apps Target Market

5.12.7 Google Organizes The World's Information

5.12.8 Google Ads

5.12.9 Google Apps

5.12.10 Google Mobile

5.12.11 Google Strategy

5.12.12 Google Technology

5.12.13 Life of a Google Query

5.12.14 Google Business Overview

5.12.15 Google Grows

5.12.16 Google AdWords for Advertisers

5.12.17 Google AdSense and Web Site Services

5.12.18 Google Documents Editor

5.12.19 Gmail Contextual Gadgets Launched In The Google Apps Marketplace

5.12.20 Google Revenue 2010

5.13 Ex’ovision

5.13.1 Exovision / Qconferencing

5.14 HaiVision Network Video

5.15 Hewlett Packard (HP)

5.15.1 HP Expanded Readiness Assessment Services

5.15.2 HP Unified Communications Partners

5.15.3 HP ProCurve ONE Ecosystem:

5.15.4 HP Halo Managed Services

5.15.5 HP Halo Video Exchange Network

5.15.6 DreamWorks Animation Collaborates on Films Using HP Halo Telepresence Solutions

5.15.7 HP Halo Supports Global Collaboration In Creation Of TV Programming

5.15.8 HP Cloud Assure Services

5.15.9 HP Cloud Assure Types Of Cloud Service Environments Supported

5.15.10 Hewlett-Packard Revenue

5.15.11 HP Enterprise Storage and Servers Revenue

5.15.12 HP Software Revenue

5.15.13 Hewlett Packard (HP) Focuses On Simplifying Technology

5.15.14 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA

5.15.15 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA Solutions

5.15.16 Hewlett Packard (HP) SOA Systinet Governance

5.15.17 HP Products and Services Segments

5.15.18 Hewlett-Packard Technology Solutions Group

5.15.19 Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Storage and Servers

5.15.20 Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Servers

5.15.21 Hewlett-Packard Business Critical Systems

5.15.22 Hewlett Packard Halo Telepresence Customers

5.15.23 HP and Marriott

5.15.24 HP and Tandberg

5.15.25 Hewlett Packard Computer Industry Market Participant

5.15.26 Hewlett Packard Global Provider Of Products

5.15.27 HP Products and Services: Segment Information

5.15.28 Hewlett Packard Technology Solutions Group

5.15.29 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage and Servers

5.15.30 HP and Tower Software

5.15.31 Hewlett Packard Tower Software TRIM Context

5.16 Huawei

5.16.1 Huawei Launches World' s First End-to-End 100G Solutions

5.16.2 Huawei Customers

5.16.3 Huawei WDM and Routers

5.17 IBM

5.17.1 IBM Manages Data-Intensive Services

5.17.2 IBM Lotus Domino Platform to Run Web Site

5.17.3 IBM WebSphere

5.17.4 IBM Business Partnering Strategy

5.17.5 IBM Strategic Priorities

5.17.6 IBM BPM Powered By Smart SOA

5.17.7 IBM Delivers Integration and Innovation to Clients

5.17.8 IBM Business Model

5.17.9 IBM Unified Communications In The Cloud Architecture

5.17.10 IBM LotusLive Cloud-Based Portfolio Of Social Networking And Collaboration Services

5.17.11 IBM 2010 First-Quarter Revenue

5.17.12 IBM Q2 2009 Revenue

5.17.13 IBM Software Capabilities

5.17.14 IBM Systems and Technology Capabilities

5.17.15 IBM Worldwide Organizations

5.17.16 IBM Integrated Supply Chain

5.17.17 IBM Security

5.18 Kedacom Technologies

5.19 LG-Ericsson

5.19.1 LG Nortel

5.20 Logitech

5.20.1 Logitech / LifeSize

5.20.2 Logitech Sales and Distribution

5.20.3 Logitech Second Quarter Revenue for FY 2011

5.21 Microsoft Operating Segments

5.21.1 Microsoft Client Businesses

5.21.2 Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Launching in Q4

5.21.3 Microsoft Office Web Apps Planner Brings Documents to the Cloud

5.21.4 Microsoft Windows Platform Devices

5.21.5 Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7

5.21.6 Microsoft Office Applications

5.21.7 Microsoft Dynamics GP

5.21.8 Microsoft Dynamics GP

5.21.9 Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Accounting And Business Management Solution

5.21.10 Microsoft Corporation

5.21.11 Microsoft Azure Services Platform

5.21.12 Microsoft Windows Azure

5.21.13 Microsoft Live Services

5.21.14 Microsoft SQL Services

5.21.15 Microsoft .NET Services

5.21.16 Microsoft® SharePoint® Services & Dynamics® CRM Services

5.21.17 Microsoft Revenue Nine Months 2009

5.21.18 Microsoft Revenue

5.21.19 Microsoft Segment Revenue

5.21.20 Microsoft Segment Revenue2008

5.21.21 Microsoft Client Revenue

5.21.22 Microsoft Server and Tools Revenue

5.21.23 Microsoft Online Services Business Revenue

5.21.24 Microsoft Business Division Revenue

5.21.25 Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division

5.21.26 Microsoft Competition

5.21.27 Microsoft Security Vulnerabilities

5.21.28 Microsoft Client Segment

5.21.29 Microsoft Segments

5.21.30 Open Text Livelink ECM Integration Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

5.21.31 Microsoft Multinational Computer Technology

5.21.32 Selected Microsoft Partners

5.21.33 Microsoft Software Products

5.22 Mitel

5.23 Musion® Systems

5.24 NEC

5.24.1 NEC Revenue

5.24.2 NEC's Brand Statement

5.24.3 NEC ASIA

5.24.4 NEC Revenue

5.24.5 NEC ASIA

5.25 Polycom

5.25.1 Polycom's Competitors

5.25.2 Polycom's Products

5.25.3 Polycom Voice Communications Solutions Segment

5.25.4 Polycom Video Communications Solutions Segment

5.25.5 Polycom Services Segment

5.25.6 Polycom Revenue

5.25.7 Polycom Segment Revenue

5.25.8 Polycom Revenues

5.26 Panasonic

5.27 Skype / eBay

5.27.1 Skype User Metrics

5.28 Radvision: Interoperability, Telepresence, Video Conferencing

5.28.1 Radvision Telepresence Interoperability

Seamless, Unified Communications

5.29 Sony

5.30 Telanetix

5.30.1 Telanetix Second Quarter 2010 Revenue

5.31 Telepresence Tech

5.32 Teliris

5.33 Vidyo

5.33.1 Vidyo Pioneered Personal Telepresence

5.33.2 Vidyo / Adobe

5.33.3 Vidyo Personal Telepresence Commlogik Telecommunications Distributor For Latin America

5.34 VTEL

5.35 ZTE

5.35.1 ZTE Revenue

5.36 IP PBX and IP Call Manager Manufacturers with Telepreseence

5.37 Voice Communications Solutions, Conference Phone Competitors

List of Tables

Table ES-1

Telepresence Market Driving Forces

Figure ES-2

Worldwide Enterprise Telepresence Equipment Shipments

Market Shares, Dollars, 2008

Table ES-3

Enterprise Telepresence Market Forecasts, Dollars,

Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

Figure ES-4

Telepresence Equipment Shipments, Market Forecasts Dollars, 2010-2016

Table 1-1

Telepresence Vendor Positioning

Table 1-2

Communications and Collaboration Solution

Applications and Functionality

Figure 1-3

WinterGreen Research Telepresence Value

Return on Investment (ROI)

Figure 1-4

WinterGreen Research Telepresence Travel and

Business Case Value Return on Investment (ROI)

Figure 1-5

Aspects of the Decision Making Process Addressed by


Figure 1-6

Telepresence Value Return on Investment (ROI)

Table 1-7

TelePresence Benefits

Table 1-8

TelePresence Functions

Figure 1-9

Teliris Touch Table MultiTouch Surface Computing Platform

Figure 1-10

Teliris Interact Touch Table Sending Image

Figure 1-11

Teliris Interact Touch Table Receiving Image

Table 2-1

Telepresence Market Driving Forces

Table 2-2

TelePresence Economic Driving Forces

`Table 2-3

Telepresence Market Benefits

Figure 2-4

Worldwide Enterprise Telepresence Equipment Shipments

Market Shares, Dollars, 2008

Table 2-5

Worldwide Enterprise Telepresence Equipment Shipments and

Equipment Services Market Shares, Dollars, 2010

Figure 2-6

Telepresence Market Shares, Units, Shipments, Worldwide,

First Three Quarters 2010

Table 2-7

Enterprise Telepresence Market Shares, Shipped and

Installed Base, Units, Worldwide, 2009 and First Three Quarters 2010

Figure 2-8

Logitech / Lifesize Bringing Business to the Future in HD

Table 2-9

Avistar Competitive Positioning

Table 2-10

Enterprise Telepresence Market Forecasts, Dollars,

Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

Figure 2-11

Telepresence Equipment Shipments, Market Forecasts

Dollars, 2010-2016

Table 2-12

Enterprise Telepresence Market Segments, Multi Screen

Conference , Single Screen Conference, and Desktop

Shipped Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2001 to 2016

Table 2-13

Telepresence Immersive Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide,

First Three Quarters 2010

Figure 2-14

Cisco TelePresence Simulates Face-to-Face Interaction

Table 2-15

Teliris Telepresence Supplier Key Solution Elements

Figure 2-16

Teliris Interact Touch Table Managing Multiple Images

Figure 2-17

Immersive Telepresence Equipment Shipments, Market

Forecasts Dollars, 2010-2016

Table 2-18

Enterprise Immersive Telepresence Market Segments,

Multi Screen Conference Shipped Units and Dollars, Worldwide,

2010 to 2016

Table 2-19

Telepresence Penetration of Markets Conference Rooms

Dollars and Percent, Worldwide, 2010-2016

Figure 2-20

Enterprise Telepresence Market Segments, Single Screen

Conference Center Shipped Units and Dollars,

Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

Figure 2-21

Enterprise Telepresence Market Segments, Desktop Shipped

Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

Table 2-22

PC Telepresence Market Forecasts, Units and Dollars,

Worldwide, 2010-2016

Table 2-23

Telepresence Use Across Vertical Markets

Table 2-24

Telepresence Enterprise Executive Use

Table 2-25

Telepresence Market Industry Segments,

Percent, Worldwide, 2010-2016

Table 2-26

Telepresence Market Industry Segments, Dollars,

Worldwide, 2010-2016

Table 2-27

Telepresence Connectivity Market Shares, Worldwide,

2009 and First Three Quarters 2010

Figure 2-28

Immersive Telepresence Managed Services and User Group ,

Call Connections, Market Forecasts Dollars, 2010-2016

Table 2-29

Telepresence Immersive Managed and Pay per Use Services

Market Forecasts Dollars, 2010-2016

Table 2-30

Telepresence Managed Services Providers

Table 2-31

TelePresence Enabled Services Benefits

Table 2-32

Telepresence System Capabilities

Table 2-33

Significant Telepresence Solutions Aspects

Table 2-34

Leading Consumer Robot Telepresence Market Participants,

Figure 2-35

Worldwide Telepresence Robot Market Forecasts, Dollars, 2009-2015

Table 2-36

Worldwide Telepresence Robotic Web Cam Market Forecasts,

External PC, Social Networking, Security, and Consumer

Units and Dollars 2009-2015

Figure 2-37

Worldwide WebCam Shipments Market Shares, 2008

Table 2-38

WebCam Security Market Driving Forces

Figure 2-39

Worldwide Security Externally Connected PC WebCam

Shipments Market Shares, Dollars, 2008

Table 2-40

Worldwide Web Cam Market Forecasts, External PC,

Social Networking, Security, and Embedded Laptop,

Units and Dollars 2009-2015

Table 2-41

Telepresence ROI Metrics

Table 2-42

ROI Analysis Benefits

Figure 2-43

Worldwide Regional Enterprise Telepresence Shipments

Market Segments, Dollars, 2008

Table 2-44

Worldwide Regional Enterprise Telepresence Shipments

Market Segments, Dollars, 2008

Figure 2-45

Tandberg Revenue Mix by Region

Table 3-1

Selected Telepresence Products

Figure 3-2

Premier Fully Immersive Telepresence Solution

Table 3-3

Polycom Telepresence Functions to Increase Organizational Productivity

Table 3-4

Polycom Immersive Telepresence Solutions

Table 3-4a

Polycom Room Telepresence Solutions

Figure 3-5

Polycom Telepresence Multipurpose Solution

Figure 3-6

Polycom Global Telepresence System

Table 3-7

Polycom Personal Telepresence Solutions

Table 3-8

Cisco TelePresence Portfolio System Components

Table 3-9

Cisco TelePresence Portfolio System Integration

Table 3-10

Cisco TelePresence System 1300 Series Functions

Table 3-11

Cisco TelePresence Advantages

Figure 3-12

Cisco / Tandberg Telepresence Servers

Table 3-13

Cisco Telepresence Positioning

Table 3-14

Cisco TelePresence: Full Spectrum Functionality Addresses

Multiple Requirements

Figure 3-15

Cisco TelePresence Supports Collaborating Globally

Figure 3-16

Cisco TelePresence Settings

Figure 3-17

Cisco TelePresence End Point Settings - Immersive

Figure 3-18

Cisco TelePresence Settings - Multipurpose

Figure 3-19

Tandberg Total Telepresence Provides An Integrated

Solution For Supporting Collaboration

Figure 3-20

Tandberg’s Total Telepresence

Figure 3-21

Tandberg’s Fashion Design Telepresence

Figure 3-22

HP Halo Collaboration Studio

Table 3-23

HP Halo Collaboration Meeting Room—Standard Features and Services

Figure 3-24

HP Halo Collaboration Studio Tiers of Support

Figure 3-25

HP Halo Bilingual Collaboration Studio

Table 3-26

Logitech / LifeSize Telepresence

Table 3-27

Logitech (Nasdaq) / LifeSizeProduct ROI

Table 3-28

LifeSize Telepresence Benefits

Table 3-29

Sony TelePresence Products Components

Figure 3-30

Sony TelePresence Product

Table 3-31

Sony TelePresence Features

Figure 3-32

Sony TelePesence

Table 3-33·

Avistar C3 Telepresence Key Features

Table 3-34

Avistar Solution Benefits

Table 3-35

Avistar C3·Telepresence Functions

Table 3-36

BrightCom Lumina Telepresence Features

Table 3-37

Brightcom Roomvideo Conference Components

Table 3-38

BrightCom'sVisual Collaboration Server (VCS) Features

Table 3-39

Brightcom ClearView Desktop HD Conferencing

Table 3-40

Brightcom Desktop Video Conferencing

Table 3-41

Cisco / Tandberg inTouch Telepresence Functions

Table 3-42

Cisco / Tandberg EX90 Desktop Telepresence features

Figure 3-43

Cisco / Tandberg EX90 Desktop Telepresence for Managers

Figure 3-44

Cisco / Tandberg EX90 Desktop Telepresence for

The Line of Business Collaboration

Figure 3-45

Cisco / Tandberg Telepresence Video Conferencing

Table 3-46

Tandberg Telepresence T3 Telepresence T1 Features

Table 3-47

Cisco / Tandberg Movi Functions

Table 3-48

Cisco TelePresence: Collaboration

Table 3-49

VidyoCast Suite Components

Figure 3-50

HP Avistar C3 Integrator

Table 3-51

HP Avistar C3 Integrator™ Benefits

Figure 3-52

Avistar C3 Tunnel

Table 3-53

Avistar C3 Tunnel Benefits

Figure 3-54

NEC VMeet Features

Figure 3-55

NEC VMeet Conferencing

Figure 3-56


Table 3-57

NEC VMEET Components

Figure 3-58

Skype Free Cideo Conferencing in HD

Table 4-1

Technologies Supporting Telepresence

Table 4-2

Telepresence Capable Systems Requirements

Table 4-3

Multi-Codec Systems Components

Table 4-3

Benefits of a Telepresence Platform

Table 4-4

Video sub-Systems And The Telepresence Operating System

Table 4-5

Telepresence Solution Issues

Table 4-6

Telepresence End-User Benefits

Table 4-7

Telepresence Features

Table 4-8

Teelepresence Standards

Table 4-9

Telepresence Applications Targeted

Figure 4-10

Telepresence Session Control and Media Switching

Figure 4-11

Telepresence Platform Solutions

Figure 4-12

Low Latency H.264 Video

Table 4-13

Technical Requirements For Secure Intercompany Telepresence

Table 4-14

Video Standards

Table 4-15

Tandberg Codec C60 is the 1080p HD video collaboration engine.

Table 4-16

Tandberg Codec C60 is the 1080p HD video collaboration engine Features

Figure 4-17

Tandberg Codec C60 i

Table 4-18

Tandberg Codec C60 Technology

Table 4-19

Hai1000 Features

Figure 4-20

HaiVision MAKO-HD TelePresence Codec

Table 5-1

BrightCom’s Integrated Video And Data Solutions

Table 5-2

Cisco Managed and Hosted Telepresence Fucntions

Table 5-3

Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Product Suite Features

Table 5-4

Fujitsu CentraSite SOA Management Information

Table 5-5

Google Apps Functions

Table 5-6

Google PageRank Search Technology

Table 5-7

Google Hypertext-Matching Analysis Search Technology

Figure 5-8

Life span of a Google query

Table 5-9

Google AdSense Positioning

Table 5-10

HP Expanded Readiness Assessment Services

Table 5-11

HP Cloud Assure Functions

Table 5-12

HP Cloud Assures Types Of Cloud Service Environments Supported

Table 5-13

HP SaaS Portfolio Partner Positioning:

Table 5-14

Hewlett Packard Product and Services Positioning

Table 5-15

Hewlett Packard Global Positioning

Table 5-16

Hewlett Packard Tower Software Global, Vertical Markets

Table 5-17

Hewlett Packard Tower Software Global, Reducing Risk During Litigation

Table 5-18

Hewlett Packard Tower Software Microsoft Office® Documents

Table 5-19

Hewlett Packard Tower TRIM Context Features Overview

Table 5-20

Huawei Value-Added Services solutions

Table 5-21

Huawei Value-Added Services Solutions Benefits

Figure 5-22

IBM SMB Partner Go to Market Approach

Table 5-23

IBM Strategic Priorities

Figure 5-24

LG-Ericsson Strategic Positioning

Table 5-25

LG-Ericsson Target Markets

Table 5-26

Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 Capabilities

Table 5-27

Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer References

Table 5-28

Functions in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Table 5-29

Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Table 5-30

Microsoft Response to Security Vulnerabilities

Table 5-31

Musion Eyeliner TelePresence Benefits

Figure 5-32

NEC Advances Toward a Sustainable Society

Figure 5-33

NEC Integrated Control Technology

Figure 5-34

NEC's Brand Statement

Figure 5-35

NEC Profile

Table 5-36

Drivers For The Adoption Of Polycom UC Solutions

Table 5-37

Polycom Strategic Initiatives To Capture The

Collaboration Market Opportunity

Figure 5-38

Telepresence Tech Manufacturing


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