The Emerging Middle Classes

The Emerging Middle Classes

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Although recent trends have shown a growth in interest in opportunities at the so-called "bottom of the pyramid", the "emerging middle class" has, for some years, been a core component of the rising commitment among international FMCG businesses to pursuit of opportunities in emerging markets.

- Develop an understanding of the emerging middle classes.

- Develop a clear picture of what challenges exist to targeting these consumers and how this could influence decision-making over entering the market.

- Understand the factors behind the success (or failure) of brands targeting the emerging middle classes.

Reasons To Buy
- What is the emerging middle class and why is it important?

- What are the challenges that stand in the way of success in this area?

- Who are emerging middle-class consumers and what are their needs?

- What have brands achieved success in targeting these shoppers and how have they done that?

Key Highlights
Middle-class aspirational consumption ideals can be formed at the bottom of the pyramid and carried over as status rises. They can also encompass a very wide range of circumstances within the emerging middle class itself. Consumers who identify themselves as middle class may have considerably more or less resources than their peers.

Establishing leadership in emerging middle-class targeting can be about acting early and capturing "social climbers". Fast-moving companies are targeting such consumers with aspirational brands before they become established members of the emerging middle class.
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