The Future of Energy Ingredients

The Future of Energy Ingredients

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Through an analysis of product launches, patents, clinical trials, and the regulatory landscape, this report considers the future of energy ingredients for food and drink products. By assessing the potential of 30 ingredients alongside the trends that are shaping consumer demand, we consider the direction of this market and the opportuinities available to manufacturers.

- Use product launch data to identify the ingredients that are currently driving innovation in the energy category.

- Use patents and clinical trial evidence to assess which ingredients will support future product innovation.

- Consider how consumer trends are creating a segmented market, split by products for physical and mental energy.

- Analyze regional trends in energy product innovation and gain insight into how your products can be more effectively positioned.

- Understand the implications and impact of recent food and nutrition claims regulations on the development of the energy sector.

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- What is the current landscape of the energy ingredients market?

- Which ingredients are most likely to fuel the next generation of energy food and drinks?

- What are the key consumer and innovation trends in energy ingredients and how can I adapt my NPD strategy to these opportunities?

- How will regulations impact the sale of these energy ingredients in global markets?

- What's driving the market for energy ingredients and products and where are the opportunities for my business?

Key Highlights
A 2013 study by EFSA reported that 12% of European adults consume energy drinks 4-5 times per week. In the US, the latest retail sales data show Red Bull at nearly $3.5bn, followed by Monster at nearly $3bn and 5-Hour Energy with around $1bn.

A noticeable trend in new products is the use of ingredient combinations that promise to kick in at different times or that work synergistically to deliver sustained energy. For example, the use of different combinations of stimulants (e.g. guarana plus green tea) or stimulants plus 'balancing' ingredients (e.g. caffeine plus theanine).

More natural and proven ingredients like ginseng and protein are in a stronger position to grow, as are anti-inflammatory and muscle-building ingredients like BCAAs and carnitine, which are well positioned to meet the emerging demand for drinks with ingredients that will aid post-workout recovery.
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