The Future of Innovation in Sweeteners

The Future of Innovation in Sweeteners

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April  2013  Pages : 62

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This report is an exploration of the most important trends and developments driving the market for natural and artificial sweeteners, looking at consumer preferences, technological innovations, and developments among manufacturers. Based on detailed analysis of industry opinion, it considers the future of established sweeteners, the growth of stevia, and new emerging products.

- Understand the current sweetener market environment in terms of available products by type, their market share, growth rates, and regulatory position.

- Identify the prevalence of different sweeteners in newly launched food and drinks products broken down by region and industry.

- Understand the market for stevia and other high-intensity natural sweeteners, based on a selection of analytical case studies.

- Examine the ways in which natural and synthetic sweeteners are increasingly being used as a complement to sugar in mainstream products.

- Identify the key obstacles that leading industry professionals believe block the wider adoption of novel sweeteners, and examine possible strategies.

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- How is the sweeteners market landscape changing over time?

- To what extent are consumer concerns about health and safety affecting the market for natural and for synthetic sweeteners?

- Will new emerging natural sweeteners be viable alternatives for synthetic sweeteners?

- How can food and drinks producers reduce sugar levels without impacting taste or labeling profile?

- Will ultra-high-intensity sweeteners take the place of mainstream synthetic sweetener types?

Key Highlights
Rather than simply substituting synthetic sweeteners, natural sweeteners are increasingly marketed as products that can replace 20-30% of the sugar in a product without affecting the taste. And because they are classed as natural, the product does not lose its 'free from synthetic sweeteners' status.

Stevia was the fifth-best-selling non-caloric sweetener worldwide in 2012, behind sucralose, aspartame, saccharin, and cyclamate. Neotame is the only ultra-high intensity sweetener on the market, and is posting rapid growth (as high as 40% in 2009-10, and still healthy in the last two years) from a very low base.

With two mainstream products now available for food and drinks manufacturers - Tate andamp; Lyle's Purefruit and Amax NutraSource's Perfecta - 2013 is tipped to be the year luo han guo (LHG, also called monk fruit) hits the mainstream. Both products are LHG/erythritol blends, created in much the same way as Truvia.
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