The Inevitable High Protein Backlash: When and What Next?

The Inevitable High Protein Backlash: When and What Next?

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March  2015  Pages : 30

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As with other diet fads, a backlash to the "high protein" trend seems inevitable in the future. Potential negative impacts on health and the environment from over-consumption will create a backlash that will have implications on the way products are marketed and formulated. This report considers what the next big trends will be after "high protein" and who the potential winners and losers are.

- Access a unique blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand when and why the "high protein" trend will end.

- Understand who the winners and losers within the food and drink space will be as the "high protein" trend comes to an end.

- Explore what the end of the "high protein" trend means for brands and manufacturers and how they should respond.

Reasons To Buy
- Why will there be a backlash to the "high protein" trend and when will this occur?

- What implications will the "high protein" backlash have on product formulation and marketing?

- What trends will take over from "high protein" and when?

- What are the short-, medium-, and long-term opportunities for food and drink manufacturers?

Key Highlights
The trend for high protein is primarily being driven by Western markets, particularly the US, Australia, UK, France, and Canada, where the majority of innovations making the claim "high protein" were launched in 2014.

Some people are consuming too much protein, which could have potentially serious implications on health in the future, including colorectal cancer and osteoporosis.
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