The Top 10 Beer Manufacturers

The Top 10 Beer Manufacturers

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Published On : January  2013
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A restricted economic environment has led the major four players - AB InBev, SABMiller, Heineken, and Carlsberg - to look towards emerging markets and other product opportunites beyond beer. Economic powerhouses like China and Brazil have naturally proven the most dynamic and appealing of these, thanks largely to their significant populations, appetite for beer, and growing middle classes.

- Learn from the strategies of leading players, and how to effectively target future growth markets, avoid their mistakes and minimize threats.

- Benchmark the performance of the leading beer companies.

- Understand the major issues affecting the global beer market.

- Predict the key growth areas in the global beer market arising from the change in consumers' preferences and global recession.

- Learn beer market dynamics and major growth drivers and resistors.

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- What are the innovation strategies of the leading beer manufacturers?

- What are the key areas of focus for beer companies?

- Which companies are winning the innovation battle?

- What are the problems faced by the global beer companies in the industry?

- Which geographies are expected to be the frontrunners in beer consumption by value through 2012?

Key Highlights
Global beer sales were worth $494.5bn in 2011. The market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 3.37% to reach a value of $583.5bn in 2016. AB InBev, the product of several mergers between US, Belgian, and Brazilian breweries, is now the world's biggest beer company by revenue, claiming almost 25% of the global market.

Although Europe is clearly the most valuable region in terms of beers sales, Asia Pacific will close the gap over the next few years. Asia Pacific already leads the market in terms of market volume and its comparison with Europe reflects the trend of stagnating Western markets where value growth is being driven by premiumization.

Capitalizing on the demand for low calorie alternatives like Bud Light, AB InBev introduced a new Labatt 52 six-pack to the US in October 2012. This beer contains just 52 calories per bottle and has a 2.2% ABV and is therefore intended to appeal to both weight-conscious drinkers and light beer enthusiasts.
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