The Top 10 Consumer Packaging Companies

The Top 10 Consumer Packaging Companies

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Published On : October  2014
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Unlike in other consumer markets, the packaging industry is not dominated by a handful of large companies. The top 10 companies had sales totaling around $82.4bn in 2013, amounting to just 19% of the total global packaging industry. So while the packaging industry continues to consolidate through merger and acquisition activity, compared to other industries it remains relatively fragmented.

- Gives an in-depth analysis of the main trends driving the consumer packaging market as well as highlighting the opportunities and challenges.

- Uses the innovative new SIGMA tool to analyze the prospects of the leading packaging companies worldwide.

- Gives in-depth insight into the innovation strategies of the leading packaging companies.

- Outlines the growth strategies of the major packaging companies.

- Provides industry-leading analysis about the outlook for the major packaging materials.

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- What packaging companies are leading the way for sustainability?

- How are packaging companies using innovation to climb the value chain?

- How are packaging companies ensuring affordability for their products?

- How are packaging companies exploiting emerging market trends?

- What packaging materials are showing the most promise?

Key Highlights
There has been much innovation in the plastic industry, in terms of both lightweighting and new product areas, such as PET beer bottles. The development of a 100% bio-based PEF bottle by Alpla Werke is a potential game-changer because it could provide a low cost, sustainable alternative to PET.

Will consumers pay more for sustainable packaging? The short answer is yes. Consumers are not only increasingly demanding more sustainable packaging but are also willing to pay a premium for it. According to a survey by Ipsos of almost 20,000 adults across 26 countries in 2013, 55% said that they would pay more for sustainable packaging.

Rexam has an interesting strategy regarding emerging markets. Presently, the company currently has a 70% market share in Russia and a 60% share in Brazil, and is expanding its presence in India. However, the company has avoided China, which it believes suffers from tough local competition and over-supply.
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