Tobacco Insights 2015 - September

Tobacco Insights 2015 - September

Category : Food & Beverages
Published On : October  2015
Pages : 75

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Key Findings
- According to the New Zealand Ministry of Health, tobacco consumption within the country has fallen 23% over the past five years, with industry data indicating average cigarette consumption has declined 6.3% each year since 2010.

- In Spain, Fine-cut tobacco sales fell by 1.5% in the year to August 2015 compared to 2014, with pipe tobacco sales up by 3.6% during the same period.

- Cigarette smoking is more prevalent amongst the richer sections of the population, while poorer people are more inclined to use chewing tobacco and bidis.

- The US adult smoking rate is continuing to fall, according to a new government report. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures, said to have come from a large national survey, indicated that the adult smoking incidence dropped from 18% in 2013 to 17% last year.

“Tobacco Insights”, is a monthly report by Canadean which provides extensive and highly detailed information on the changing production and consumption patterns affected by the recent developments related to new law and regulation globally.

What else does this report offer?

- Consumption data based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, market sizing work and our in-house expertise in the industry in order to offer data about the trends and dynamics affecting the Tobacco industry.

- Recent activities of the manufacturers operating in the industry.

- Detailed company profiles, highlighting key focus product sectors with the key features and developments, segmentation, per capita trends and the brands.

Reasons To Buy
- Evaluate important changes in consumer behavior to identify profitable markets and areas for product innovation.

- Analyse the current and forecast market position of the brands to identify the best opportunities to exploit.

- Detailed understanding of consumption by individual product categories to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market.
Table Of Contents
A Global Perspective
Cigarette Consumption and Production
Cigarette Consumption Trends, 2004-2014
Cigarette Production Trends, 2003-2013
Regional Cigarette Consumption, 2013
Regional Cigarette Production, 2013
Per Capita Consumption of Cigarettes by Country, 2004-2014
Global News
North Korea
South Korea
United Kingdom
Company Analysis
KTandG History
Financial Highlights
Cigarette Business Review
Company News
22nd Century
CHIC Group
Imperial Tobacco
Japan Tobacco
Mac Baren
Pax Labs
Reynolds American Inc
Totally Wicked
Stock Market Performance
Global Population Trends
About Canadean

List Of Tables
Table 1: Global Cigarette Consumption, pieces (million), 2004-2013
Table 2: Global Cigarette Production, pieces (million), 2003-2013
Table 3: Regional Cigarette Consumption, 2013
Table 4: Regional Cigarette Production, 2013
Table 5: Per Capita Consumption of Cigarettes by Country, pieces, 2004-2014
Table 6: Canada: Monthly Cigarette Production and Sales, 2010-2015
Table 7: France: Monthly Tobacco Quantities Released for Consumption, 2006-2015
Table 8: Japan: JT Monthly Cigarette Sales, Fiscal 2013-2016
Table 9: Spain: Monthly Tobacco Quantities Released for Consumption, 2006-2015
Table10: Spain: Monthly Brand Shares, 2014 and 2015
Table11: UK: Tobacco Quantities Released for Consumption, 2009-2015
Table12: Monthly Tobacco Consumption and Output Trends, 2014 and 2015
Table13: KTandG: Financial Highlights, 2006-2014
Table14: KTandG: Consolidated Balance Sheet, 2012-2014
Table15: KTandG: Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income, 2012-2014
Table16: KTandG: Operating Revenue by Segment, 2012-2014
Table17: KTandG: Global Cigarette Sales and Share Development, 2000-2014
Table18: South Korea: Market Size, Company Share and Sales Volume, 2000-2014
Table19: KTandG: Brand Shares, 2009
Table 20: Domestic Brand Portfolio, 2014
Table 21: KTandG: Overseas Sales Breakdown, 2011-2014
Table 22: KTandG: Exports by Region, 2003-2013
Table 23: KTandG: Exports by Region, %, 2014
Table 24: KTandG: Overseas Plants, 2014
Table 25: KTandG: Export Brand Portfolio, 2013
Table 26: Overview of the Natural American Spirit Business outside the US
Table 27: Stock Market Performance, 2002-2015
Table 28: Global Population Trends, 2000-2014

List Of Figures
Figure 1: Imports as % of Consumption, 2013
Figure 2: Exports as % of Production, 2013
Figure 3: Scotland: Percentage of Adults aged 16 and over who have ever used e-cigarettes, by age and sex, 2014
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