Trends and Opportunities in Instore Bakery

Trends and Opportunities in Instore Bakery

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June  2015  Pages : 33

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While there is no doubt about the popularity of industrial and packaged bakery goods, instore-baked products offer a high potential area for innovation, and a key advantage this approach has is the ability to cater to consumer demand for freshness. This report seeks to identify new opportunities within this space and provide analysis of the retail environment and global consumer behavior.

- Creates an understanding of what is driving the instore bakery market and regional consumer consumption patterns within this category.

- Offers insight into the key trends in instore bakery and opportunities going forward.

- Provides SWOT analyses across all instore bakery retail channels.

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- What are the regional consumption patterns of instore bakery versus industrial bakery?

- What are the top five trends impacting the instore bakery category?

- What are the implications and relevance of these trends for bread and rolls, cakes and pastries, and morning goods?

Key Highlights
Regional consumption of instore bakery products varies greatly and important opportunities exist to expand instore bread and bakery both in markets where overall baked good consumption is low, such as Asia Pacific, and in North America, where consumption of processed and industrial bakery solutions is much higher than their instore counterparts.

The rise of "gluten-free" as a necessity for some and a lifestyle choice for many others creates opportunities for instore bakers to offer these consumers a wider range of gluten-free solutions and expand offerings from simply pre-packaged bread and baked products.
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