Trends and Opportunities in Sprouted Grains

Trends and Opportunities in Sprouted Grains

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November  2013  Pages : 30

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A preoccupation with health and wellness, and a renewed fascination with food trends of yesteryear, have triggered the rediscovery of nutritious grains (both ancient and sprouted). This brief outlines what sprouted grains are, why the trend has gained momentum, and how sprouting presents the opportunity to "up the ante" when it comes to health and wellness NPD.

- Optimally frame the sprouted grains opportunity and understand how it aligns with broader consumer preferences.

- Access consumer data to better quantify the opportunity, and determine how attitudes to mealtimes and healthy eating are evolving.

- Gain insight into how manufacturers are commercializing the purported nutritional advantages of sprouted grains.

Reasons To Buy
- What are sprouted grains? Why is the notion of healthy eating evolving beyond whole grains and on to sprouted whole grains?

- How does the sprouted gains trend align with other burgeoning themes in health and wellness such as gluten-free?

- How preoccupied are consumer with healthy eating - including their grains and pulses intake?

- What is the direction of innovation in sprouted grains? What does it mean for me in terms of opportunities and threats?

Key Highlights
There is a brief period in the life cycle of a grain or seed - right after it has started to sprout, but before it has developed into a fully fledged plant - when it is considered to be a "sprouted grain."

Health and nutrition is the most important priority for consumers when preparing and consuming breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is baseline evidence of consumers seeking better nutritional outcomes for their food and drink intake. What's more, around one in five consumers want to obtain their "daily dose" of grains, particularly whole grains.
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