Trends to Watch in Digestive Health

Trends to Watch in Digestive Health

Category : Consumer Goods
September  2015  Pages : 73

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This report identifies the five key trends occurring in over-the-counter (OTC) digestive health from around the world, alongside market data and insight into consumers seeking digestive health products and their purchasing habits within the OTC category.

- Identify five emerging trends influencing innovation in the OTC digestive health space, including the latest on-trend innovation examples.

- Understand how consumer trends such as Fresh andamp; Natural are impacting demand in the OTC sector using insight from Canadean Consumer's surveys.

Reasons To Buy
- Which consumer groups are most concerned about digestive health issues?

- Where is innovation occurring in the digestive health space and what does it look like?

- What are consumers' purchasing priorities when buying OTC products, including digestive health?

- Where is innovation heading next within the digestive health space?

Key Highlights
While Indigestion is the most pressing digestive health concern NOW, those concerned about it are less likely to be using OTC medicines on a regular basis compared to those concerned about other digestive health issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Those in the 25-34 year-old age group are most likely to be concerned about digestive health issues. For example, 30% of this age group are concerned about indigestion, compared to 25% of consumers on average.
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