Trends to Watch in Pain Relief

Trends to Watch in Pain Relief

Category : Consumer Goods
September  2015  Pages : 70

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This report identifies the five key trends occurring in over-the-counter (OTC) analgesics from around the world, alongside market data and insight into which consumers seeking pain relief and their purchasing habits within the OTC category.

- Identify five emerging trends influencing innovation in the OTC pain relief space including the latest on-trend innovation examples.

- Understand how consumer trends such as Fresh andamp; Natural are impacting demand in the OTC sector using insight from Canadean Consumer's surveys.

Reasons To Buy
- Which consumer groups are most concerned about pain-related issues?

- Where is innovation occurring in the analgesic space and what does it look like?

- What are consumers' purchasing priorities when buying OTC products, including analgesics?

- Where is innovation heading next within the pain relief space?

Key Highlights
Stress is one of the most pressing health concerns affecting consumers today. Over a third (37%) of consumers concerned about stress use OTC medicines (such as analgesics) at least a few times per month, to treat symptoms such as stress headaches.

Younger consumers are most likely to be concerned about pain-related health issues. Over half of 18-24 year-old females are concerned about period pain.
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