TrendSights: Aging Populations

TrendSights: Aging Populations

Category : Consumer Goods
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Aging populations are having profound consequences for global societies, politics, and economics, and as such will inevitably affect the way CPG manufacturers target consumers. Finding a better balance in addressing the needs of both older and younger segments will prove crucial in driving market success moving forwards.

- Pinpoint over 30 marketing and innovation "platforms" that can be employed to more effectively identify with consumers and entice new product trial.

- Access a number of unique Canadean datasets to understand the extent to which populations are aging and the markets in which this is most apparent.

- Use a blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand the impact of population aging on shoppers' attitudes and buying behaviors.

- The analysis encompasses a sub-trend overview and an examination of four of the themes most associated with the Aging Populations sub-trend.

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- What are the key mega-trends, trends, and sub-trends that are shaping the consumer and innovation landscape? Where does Aging Populations fit?

- What is the Aging Populations sub-trend? How does it impact consumers? What will it mean for core product and marketing innovation in my sector?

- What is the impact of population aging on senior consumers' retirement plans, life aspirations and spending intentions?

Key Highlights
Developing countries now display some of the fastest rates of demographic change. By 2050, four of the top 10 oldest countries (by population percentage aged over 60) globally will be developing markets, compared to none in 2012. Such rapid aging will see many developing countries grow old before they are rich.

Japan and China will serve as the world's "test cases" for population aging. This is because both are experiencing population aging at unprecedented rates, yet they face the distinct challenges of the developed and developing world, respectively. The experiences of these two countries will therefore be instructive to others globally.

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