TrendSights: Cruelty-Free

TrendSights: Cruelty-Free

Category : Consumer Goods
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A large segment of ethically conscious consumers are deeply concerned about how animals are treated in the production of animal-based meat and dairy products and when testing for product safety and efficacy in cosmetics and cleaning products. This presents huge potential for brands to target these consumers with products whose values align with their ethical and personal beliefs.

- Identify lucrative marketing and innovation opportunities applicable to a broad range of CPG sectors.

- Access a unique blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand how consumer desire for cruelty-free products can be met.

- Examples from various CPG sectors such as food, drinks, personal care, household care, and retail.

Reasons To Buy
- What is the Cruelty-Free sub-trend?

- How are brands across the CPG space currently promoting animal welfare via new product innovation?

- What potential innovation opportunities exist to meet the demands of consumers seeking cruelty-free products?

Key Highlights
75% of "cruelty-free loyalists" (i.e. consumers that said that they were concerned about animal welfare across all of the main CPG sectors such as food and drinks, personal care, and household care) say that they keep an eye out or actively monitor new product launches in food.

53% of "cruelty-free loyalists" that drink alcohol find the concept of ethically sourced alcohol to be appealing. Although a brand's ethical values may not be the key factor influencing the purchase of alcohol, communicating the brand's actions towards fulfilling its environmental/social responsibility can make it more favorable to such consumers.

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