TrendSights: Hyper-Connection

TrendSights: Hyper-Connection

Category : Consumer Goods
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Consumers are no longer passively interacting with brands on static webpages; Internet utilization has facilitated new and novel ways of connecting with fellow consumers and discussing brands, as well as communicating with companies. Hyper-Connection explores how consumer interactions with brands - and each other - continue to evolve as a result of their dependence on digital devices.

- Pinpoint key marketing and innovation "platforms" that can be employed to identify new product and service opportunities.

- Use a blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand why and how brand interactions are evolving.

- Access Canadean datasets to better understand how the exponential changes in technology are transforming consumers' demands and expectations.

- Understand how innovation opportunities differ based on consumers' different approaches to accessing online content.

Reasons To Buy
- What are the key mega-trends, trends, and sub-trends that are shaping the consumer and innovation landscape? Where does Hyper-Connection fit?

- What is the Hyper-Connection sub-trend? How does it impact consumers and shoppers? What will it mean for core product and marketing innovation?

- How should brand communication strategies differ based on how consumers use online content?

- How can new and emerging technologies be optimally integrated into consumer and retail product propositions?

Key Highlights
In 2011, mobile broadband penetration surpassed that of fixed broadband. The pervasiveness of mobile broadband has redefined Internet access and opened new opportunities in the ways in which consumers interact with each other, communicate with brands, and obtain information.

30% of consumers are spending more time posting positive comments about brands online than before. The growing propensity and willingness for connected consumers to share their positive and negative brand experiences online will have both favorable and adverse implications for industry players.

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