TrendSights: Population Engines

TrendSights: Population Engines

Category : Consumer Goods
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The world will gain an additional two billion people by 2050. The growth of urban populations is raising the discretionary incomes of city dwellers, facilitating diversity and expanding the influence of certain segments, but also placing pressure on natural resources. These factors will create new consumer needs as expanding avenues for consumption lead to varying levels of perceived wellbeing.

- Pinpoint over 20 marketing and innovation "platforms" that can be employed to more effectively identify with consumers and entice new product trial.

- Access a number of unique Canadean datasets to understand the extent to which global population growth is impacting individual markets.

- Use a blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand the impact of urbanization on shoppers' attitudes and buying behaviors.

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- What are the key mega-trends, trends, and sub-trends that are shaping the consumer and innovation landscape? Where does Population Engines fit?

- What is the Population Engines sub-trend? How does it impact consumer choices?

- What will it mean for core product and marketing innovation in my sector?

- Where is population growth occurring most rapidly and how should consumer packaged goods companies respond?

- Which consumer segments are emerging as the most influential as a result of global population growth and urbanization?

Key Highlights
Approximately 70% of the world's population will live in towns and cities by 2050. The bulk of urban growth will occur in developing markets, many of which have neither the infrastructure nor the services to cope with the scale of such change. Serving the "urban poor" in these markets will be important.

Per capita spending on consumer packaged goods products is increasing in 23 out of 24 markets Canadean studies. The pace of urbanization in these markets creates new underlying motivations for consumption that present promising opportunities for companies if the distinct needs and tastes of these consumers are adequately addressed.

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