TrendSights: Private Label Evolution

TrendSights: Private Label Evolution

Category : Consumer Goods
September  2014  Pages : 80


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Private label evolution is marked by increasing sentiment towards the perceived quality of private labels (PLs), and how this relates to their branded counterparts. A key component behind this changing attitude is the shift in PL focus from a budget proposition to one of value, which has in turn translated into an emphasis on on-trend innovation, taking the value concept to a different extreme.

- Identify 14 innovation platforms, from concept formulation to marketing strategy, to further the development of PLs, or to counter them.

- Access a unique blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand how product and marketing innovations can more effectively convey value.

Reasons To Buy
- What is private label evolution? What is driving - and inhibiting - the development of PLs?

- Do attitudes towards PLs differ by sector? How important is value and image in each of the major FMCG sectors?

- What are retailers doing to highlight their PL offerings, and is this only reflected in packaging innovations?

Key Highlights
PLs are becoming destination brands: 50% of consumers say that the quality and range of products, and availability of PLs is the key factor in them deciding where to shop, creating an opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves. This is only set to rise if the current rate of private label evolution and innovation continues.

PLs now answer numerous consumer demands, and in some categories innovate ahead of brands, or offer niche products targeted at specific consumer needs. There is still room for PLs to evolve further, however, particularly in categories currently seeing lower-than-average consumer sentiment.

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