TrendSights: Retrophilia

TrendSights: Retrophilia

Category : Consumer Goods
October  2014  Pages : 70

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A love of things from the past reflects a desire to remember - or discover - a time when life was simpler and happier. While it may seem like an obvious strategy for manufacturers to draw on the past, the ultimate challenge is to reinterpret nostalgic brands in a way that captures the charm and authenticity that consumers seek, while remaining relevant in a dynamic consumer landscape.

- Access a unique blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand how product and marketing innovations can more effectively leverage the past.

- Benefit from sector-specific analysis that illustrates how the past can appeal to consumers within each of the major FMCG sectors.

- Understand the counter-trends that manufacturers must continue to acknowledge and address even if adopting a retro or nostalgic positioning.

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- What is the Retrophilia sub-trend? What is driving - and inhibiting - a fondness for products and brands from the past?

- Which categories can most credibly and effectively adopt retro or nostalgic positioning?

- What role does packaging play in communicating positive qualities associated with the past?

Key Highlights
Illustrating the strong appeal of "retro-innovation," 45% of global consumers agree that grocery products from the past are better than the ones available now. This attitude is only slightly stronger among older consumers, suggesting that - with the right positioning - recreations of the past have almost as much appeal among younger consumers.

Drawing on the past can take on a number of forms from an innovation perspective. For some brands, simply relaunching them with an intriguing and engaging marketing campaign can be enough to appeal to consumers; for others, however, subtle to bold modifications are necessary in order to make products relevant while still reminiscent of the past.
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