TrendSights: Simplicity

TrendSights: Simplicity

Category : Consumer Goods
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Despite an abundance of "lifestyle-enhancing" products, or perhaps because of it, stress is a pervasive reality of modern lifestyles. Consumers are looking for products with minimal processing, natural recognizable ingredients and a clear brand message, often taking a less-is-more approach. Manufacturers and marketers are thus incentivized to keep things simple.

- Pinpoint key marketing and innovation "platforms" that can be employed to entice new product trial. See how they relate to on-trend examples.

- Access a unique blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand how the consumer desire for Simplicity can be met.

- Consider examples from across the food, non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks, personal care, household care, packaging, and retail spaces.

Reasons To Buy
- To what extent do global consumers seek Simplicity products and ingredients across the major fast-moving consumer goods sectors and why?

- What is the Simplicity sub-trend? How does it impact consumers? What will it mean for core product and marketing innovation in my sector?

- How are brands capitalizing on the Simplicity sub-trend to entice consumers into paying a premium for products and ingredients?

Key Highlights
Around half of consumers claim to prefer product simplicity to multiple benefits, leading to demand for products that keep their message simple, focusing on one clear benefit rather than multi-functionality.

Consumers who consider living a less complicated life to be important pay strong attention to product and packaging benefits such as ease of use, clear instructions for use, storability, and transportability when choosing between products.

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