This report provides an in-depth understanding of how consumers behaved over Christmas 2012: what did they buy, why did they buy it and where did they shop, are all examined. In addition, the report examines people's opinions of retailers and of the Christmas period itself. The report is driven by unique consumer data and interviews. Research Beam Model: Research Beam Product ID: 115459 6750 USD New
UK Retail Occasions: Christmas 2012

UK Retail Occasions: Christmas 2012

UK Retail Occasions: Christmas 2012

Category : Consumer Goods
Published On : January  2013
Pages : 74


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This report provides an in-depth understanding of how consumers behaved over Christmas 2012: what did they buy, why did they buy it and where did they shop, are all examined. In addition, the report examines people's opinions of retailers and of the Christmas period itself. The report is driven by unique consumer data and interviews.
Conlumino's Retail Occasions series helps you to understand how consumers are shopping across the various events and occasions in the retail calendar. For each occasion we analyze the results of a large consumer survey to understand what’s happening and what it means for you.
Reasons To Buy
1. Understand what's being purchased We explore what products people are purchasing for each of the key occasions and analyze the penetration rates for key categories. A wide range of products are covered including food, gifts, clothing and goods for the home. 2. Understand where it's being purchased We monitor which retailers consumers have visited for each of the occasions, what they have used those retailers for and what they thought of them. We analyze retailer customer share both overall and by product category. 3. Explore what's being spent We examine how much people are spending and intend to spend across the various categories and products and how this differs to previous years. We also look at total household budgets for the various occasions. 4. Understand how people are celebrating We take a broad look at what people are doing for the various occasions, how they intend to celebrate them and how these things are influencing and affecting their retail and buying behavior. 5. Explore key issues by demographics We analyze all of the above at an overall level but also provide a breakdown by key demographics as well as by region. On a bespoke basis we can also isolate and explore specific consumer segmentations.

List Of Content
1. Overview and summary,
2. Consumer attitudes to Christmas,
3. Detailed data on non-food seasonal purchases,
4. Detailed data on seasonal food purchases,
5. Detailed data on gift purchases,
6. Technical appendix
List Of Table
1. Factors that are important in choosing where to shop for Christmas, non-food
2. Factors that are important in choosing where to shop for Christmas, seasonal food
3. Factors that are important in choosing where to shop for Christmas, gifts
4. Retailers used, real Christmas tree
5. Retailers used, artificial Christmas tree
6. Retailers used, Christmas lights (internal)
7. Retailers used, Christmas lights (external)
8. Retailers used, decorations
9. Retailers used, festive table accessories
10. Retailers used, festive home accessories
11. Retailers used, Christmas plants and flowers
12. Retailers used, Christmas crackers
13. Retailers used, Christmas wrapping paper
14. Retailers used, Christmas cards (boxed)
15. Retailers used, Christmas cards (single)
16. Retailers used, party clothes
17. Retailers used, party accessories
18. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection, Tesco
19. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection, Asda
20. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection, Sainsbury’s
21. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection, Morrisons
22. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection, Co-op
23. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection, Waitrose
24. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection, M&S
25. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection, Discounters
26. Retailers used, books
27. Buying penetration by sub-category, books
28. Retailers used, music and video
29. Buying penetration by sub-category, music and video
30. Retailers used, clothing and accessories
31. Buying penetration by sub-category, clothing and accessories
32. Retailers used, footwear
33. Buying penetration by sub-category, footwear
34. Retailers used, jewellery and watches
35. Buying penetration by sub-category, jewellery and watches
36. Retailers used, leather goods
37. Buying penetration by sub-category, leather goods
38. Retailers used, alcohol gifts
39. Buying penetration by sub-category, alcohol gifts
40. Retailers used, food gifts
41. Buying penetration by sub-category, food gifts
42. Retailers used, health and beauty
43. Buying penetration by sub-category, health and beauty
44. Retailers used, garden items
45. Buying penetration by sub-category, garden items
46. Retailers used, electrcials
47. Buying penetration by sub-category, electrcials
48. Retailers used, home products
49. Buying penetration by sub-category, home products
50. Retailers used, sports
51. Buying penetration by sub-category, sports
52. Retailers used, stationery
53. Buying penetration by sub-category, stationery
54. Retailers used, toys and games
55. Buying penetration by sub-category, toys and games
56. Retailers used, computers
57. Buying penetration by sub-category, computers
58. Retailers used, DIY
59. Buying penetration by sub-category, DIY
60. Buying penetration by sub-category, experience
61. Buying penetration by sub-category, vouchers
62. Buying penetration by sub-category, money

List Of Figures
1. Key findings
2. Christmas spending this year versus last
3. How is spending being financed
4. Factors that are important when choosing Christmas products
5. Seasonal non-food, what’s driving store selection?
6. Seasonal non-food, channels used for buying
7. Seasonal non-food, channels most used for buying
8. Real Christmas tree, buying penetration
9. Real Christmas tree, spend per item
10. Real Christmas tree, buyer profiles
11. Artificial Christmas tree, buying penetration
12. Artificial Christmas tree, spend per item
13. Artificial Christmas tree, buyer profiles
14. Christmas lights (internal), buying penetration
15. Christmas lights (internal) spend per item
16. Christmas lights (internal), buyer profiles
17. Christmas lights (external), buying penetration
18. Christmas lights (external) spend per item
19. Christmas lights (external), buyer profiles
20. Decorations, buying penetration
21. Decorations spend per item
22. Decorations, buyer profiles
23. Festive table accessories, buying penetration
24. Festive table accessories spend per item
25. Festive table accessories, buyer profiles
26. Festive home accessories, buying penetration
27. Festive home accessories spend per item
28. Festive home accessories, buyer profiles
29. Christmas plants and flowers, buying penetration
30. Christmas plants and flowers spend per item
31. Christmas plants and flowers, buyer profiles
32. Christmas crackers, buying penetration
33. Christmas crackers spend per item
34. Christmas crackers, buyer profiles
35. Christmas wrapping paper, buying penetration
36. Christmas wrapping paper spend per item
37. Christmas wrapping paper, buyer profiles
38. Christmas cards (boxed), buying penetration
39. Christmas cards (boxed) spend per item
40. Christmas cards (boxed), buyer profiles
41. Christmas cards (single), buying penetration
42. Christmas cards (single) spend per item
43. Christmas cards (single), buyer profiles
44. Party clothes, buying penetration
45. Party clothes spend per item
46. Party clothes, buyer profiles
47. Party accessories, buying penetration
48. Party accessories spend per item
49. Party accessories, buyer profiles
50. Seasonal food, what’s driving store selection?
51. Seasonal food, spending on food
52. Seasonal food, spending on alcoholic drinks
53. Seasonal food, channels used for buying
54. Seasonal food, channels most used for buying
55. Seasonal food, retailers used for buying
56. Seasonal food, retailers most used for buying
57. Christmas cake, buying penetration
58. Christmas cake, buyer profiles
59. Christmas pudding, buying penetration
60. Christmas pudding, buyer profiles
61. Mince pies, buying penetration
62. Mince pies, buyer profiles
63. Chocolates, buying penetration
64. Chocolates, buyer profiles
65. Biscuits, buying penetration
66. Biscuits, buyer profiles
67. Crisps, nuts, nibbles, buying penetration
68. Crisps, nuts, nibbles, buyer profiles
69. Fruit, buying penetration
70. Fruit, buyer profiles
71. Vegetables, buying penetration
72. Vegetables, buyer profiles
73. Turkey, buying penetration
74. Turkey, buyer profiles
75. Christmas ham, buying penetration
76. Christmas ham, buyer profiles
77. Other meats, buying penetration
78. Other meats, buyer profiles
79. Fish and seafood, buying penetration
80. Fish and seafood, buyer profiles
81. Mincemeat, buying penetration
82. Mincemeat, buyer profiles
83. Condiments, buying penetration
84. Condiments, buyer profiles
85. Brandy butter, buying penetration
86. Brandy butter, buyer profiles
87. Party food, buying penetration
88. Party food, buyer profiles
89. Cheese, buying penetration
90. Cheese, buyer profiles
91. Beer, buying penetration
92. Beer, buyer profiles
93. Cider, buying penetration
94. Cider, buyer profiles
95. Wine, buying penetration
96. Wine, buyer profiles
97. Spirits, buying penetration
98. Spirits, buyer profiles
99. Champagne, buying penetration
100. Champagne, buyer profiles
101. Gifts what’s driving store selection?
102. Gifts, channels used for buying
103. Gifts, channels most used for buying
104. Gifts, people purchased for
105. Gifts, average spending totals by category
106. Books, buying penetration
107. Books, buying profiles
108. Music and video, buying penetration
109. Music and video, buying profiles
110. Clothing and accessories, buying penetration
111. Clothing and accessories, buying profiles
112. Footwear, buying penetration
113. Footwear, buying profiles
114. Jewellery and watches, buying penetration
115. Jewellery and watches, buying profiles
116. Leather goods, buying penetration
117. Leather goods, buying profiles
118. Alcohol gifts, buying penetration
119. Alcohol gifts, buying profiles
120. Food gifts, buying penetration
121. Food gifts, buying profiles
122. Health and beauty, buying penetration
123. Health and beauty, buying profiles
124. Garden items, buying penetration
125. Garden items, buying profiles
126. Electricals, buying penetration
127. Electricals, buying profiles
128. Home products, buying penetration
129. Home products, buying profiles
130. Sports, buying penetration
131. Sports, buying profiles
132. Stationery, buying penetration
133. Stationery, buying profiles
134. Toys and games, buying penetration
135. Toys and games, buying profiles
136. Computers, buying penetration
137. Computers, buying profiles
138. DIY, buying penetration
139. DIY, buying profiles
140. Experiences, buying penetration
141. Experiences, buying profiles
142. Vouchers, buying penetration
143. Vouchers, buying profiles
144. Money, buying penetration
145. Money, buying profiles

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