Vegetable Carbs

Vegetable Carbs

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June  2015  Pages : 20

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Canadean Consumer explores the growing trend towards the replacement of traditional carbohydrate sources with vegetables, for both health and experimental reasons. Using our most up-to-date proprietary research, this report analyzes the drivers of vegetable carbs, and posits how producers can translate this organic trend into packaged goods success.

- Use Canadean Consumer's insightful analysis to translate organic, consumer-driven trends into successful packaged goods launches.

- Compare the different drivers of vegetable carbs to better understand the consumer mindset.

- Understand the power of social media thought-influencers, and how to capitalize on their close relationship with real consumers.

- See first-movers in the packaged vegetable carb space, and learn from their innovations.

Reasons To Buy
- How do I keep up and innovate ahead of the burgeoning vegetable carbs trend?

- What are the opportunities for a packaged goods producer, and what are the wider implications of vegetable carbs?

- How can I credibly capitalize on a consumer-driven at-home trend?

Key Highlights
Driven by changing perceptions of healthiness, and the growth of a social media culture, vegetable carbohydrates are seeing extended media attention and present a prime opportunity for manufacturers seeking to elevate their healthy food proposition.

Participation in diet trends is significantly more likely among those who are using social media rather than those who do not consider social media important. Social sharing and online engagement has a strong influence on not only awareness of, but also trial of, new dieting trends.
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