Whey Protein Market Opportunities

Whey Protein Market Opportunities

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January  2013  Pages : 67

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This report examines how advances in science and manufacturing have led to the development of new whey protein concentrates and isolates with novel functional properties that can be incorporated into a broader range of food and drink products. The content examines recent innovation, reviews clinical evidence, and provides recommendations regarding future market opportunities.

- Use opinion from leading whey protein ingredient manufacturers to identify future opportunity.

- Assess the clinical evidence being used to support the use of whey protein in weight management, muscle synthesis, and cardiovascular disease.

- Identify novel ingredients and the strategies being employed to move whey protein beyond the sports nutrition market.

- Use market data and product example information to understand the size of the whey protein opportunity.

- Evaluate new product launches and market trends in geographical regions and market segments.

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- Where are whey proteins currently being utilized by the food and drinks industry and what are the new growth areas?

- Who are the leading whey protein ingredient manufacturers and what ingredients have they developed?

- What is the size of the whey protein market and how has the manufacture of high concentrate whey proteins changed during the last few years?

- Will advances in “milk cracking” impact the future of whey protein production and utilization?

- How can manufacturers take advantage of future opportunities in whey protein?

Key Highlights
During the last five years there has been a trend towards the use of high quality, high concentrate whey protein ingredients by food and drinks manufacturers to help improve texture, taste and replace fat as well as increase protein content of finished foods. Since 2007, over 3,300 relevant products have been recorded in Product Launch Analytics.

The whey protein market continues to expand, particularly in Asia Pacific where demand often outstrips supply. Whey protein manufacturers are constantly looking at new ways to improve the efficiency of production of cheese-derived whey proteins as well as looking at new ways to produce them directly from milk.

Advances in filtration technologies are enabling ingredient manufacturers to isolate different proteins such as lactoferrin, alpha lactalbumin, and glycomacropeptide in whey proteins. These ingredients are of value to infant formula manufacturers and may also have important implications in clinical nutrition and the development of medical foods.
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